Week 7 – 2019

“Avoiding the Pitfalls of Forced Interpretation”

Much error is a result of people attempting to force a meaning into verses of scripture, of which they, themselves do not yet understand. There is power in putting truths on the shelf, and praying over them, and continuing to meditate upon them, and by doing so, allow the Holy Spirit to direct one’s interpretation.
The very foundation of the erroneous doctrine so prevalent in the body of Christ today, is a direct result of man’s effort to force an understanding, and subsequently feign an interpretation of something in the Word, of which he or she does not yet understand.
There is nothing wrong with you and I acknowledging that we “don’t know something.” WHAT!!! Plug back in. Plug back in. Whew! (Lol)
On a positive note: Be encouraged to stay with it, and by doing so, allow God to lead the understanding and you’ll avoid the pitfalls of forced interpretation.

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