Week 52 – 2019

“The Many Faces of Anti-Christ Religion”

Often when it comes to the subject of man-made religion, we adhere only to a legalistic, one-dimensional understanding, which involves a person being required to keep the rules of a certain church or denomination.
Anti-Christ religion occurs anytime one sets themselves up, along with the belief system they are adhering to, in the place of Christ.
You see, self-righteousness is the belief that self is right, and others must see it their way.
These folks often struggle in relationships which includes functioning in a church body, because of the imperfections of others.
Self-righteous believers fail to see their need for mercy, therefore withholding it from others.
I have said before that there are some who are, “very religious about not being religious.”
These are individuals who tend to generalize in their assessment of others and are quick to believe the worst in their brethren.
Rather than endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, they are quick to gravitate towards un-forgiveness and bitterness.
(see Ephesians 4:3)
Jesus spoke of a recognition based upon fruits. (see Matthew 7:15-20)
It saddens me to say that some of the meanest people on the planet are religious persons.
You WILL KNOW them by their fruits!
Just ask Jesus. (SEE Luke 23:21, etc.)

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