Week 5 – 2020

Pulling The “Under The Law” Card.

Just read a Facebook post declaring the importance of the baptism in the Holy Ghost as a separate experience from the new birth.
(see Acts 19:1-6)
Someone contradicting the post said that the poster was putting people “under law” by stating the scriptural truth of this second work of grace.
I found it amazing that the “law concerned responder” has a post on their wall, in which they speak of the importance of being grateful, and of course, I totally agree.
However, in seeing this I was tempted to respond by saying that, telling me to be grateful is putting me under law by making me FEEL that I needed to do more in my relationship with the Lord.
Can you see the irony?
Since when has responding by faith and being a doer of the Word become, quote, “being under law?”
It appears that some have gone off the deep end of the “understanding highway,” by pulling the “law card” against any activity of faith.

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