Week 5 – 2019

Are You Obeying What You Are Praying?

Believers are often very good at bringing their concerns and desires to God, but often not so good at listening for, and then cooperating with the direction that the Lord lays upon their heart, which will allow the answer to manifest. For example: Many will pray for a turnaround in their finances, and never even consider that God may be leading that person to change some spending habits. While every situation is different; it is ALWAYS imperative to be sensitive to the direction that the Lord provides. (Romans 8:14) Jesus only did what He saw and heard from His Father, which flowed from the direction He received in prayer or communion with His Father. (John 5:19, 30; Mark 1:35) In other words, “He was obeying what He was praying, and as a result, He experienced results.”
How about you and I: “are we obeying what we are praying?”

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