Week 44 – 2019

Recently I saw a preacher teaching a message entitled: “fasting for complete victory.” I thought; if I have to fast for my complete victory; what did Jesus do?”

Colossians 2:10 declares that the believer is already complete in Christ. While there is certainly nothing wrong with setting aside time to focus on Christ (which may involve not eating); this act does not merit victory. Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection accomplished complete and total victory. You see, His grace and peace are multiplied in the Christian walk through the knowledge of His redemptive work, which is why we study and pray (see 2 Peter 1:2).

Our disciplines are times of focus, to help us better see what He has done. They are never exercises to earn victory. Anytime you are taught to add to His Finished work with your works in order to earn something; you are hearing a spirit of anti-Christ. This is the mindset that seeks to add man’s accomplishments to what Christ has done. It is anti-Christ; but not anti-God. This simply means that the deception will be religious in nature, seeking to bring Jesus in on man’s efforts, in order to share in His glory. Remember: there is no flesh or human effort that can glory in His presence (see 1 Cor.1:29). You are blessed; in HIM.

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