Week 42 – 2017

The love of God is amazingly selfless. While I still deal with a mortal body I have experienced moments when I really knew that it was God’s love at work in my heart. (Rom. 5:5) It has to do with being more; or at least as excited; to see someone else blessed; as if it were myself. God’s love involves motives so pure, that there is no self-gain being sought.

ONLY God can do things such as purify one’s motives, etc. It is a result of abiding in Jesus. (John 15; Phil.4:13) Someday the believer will receive a (glorified) body that is capable of keeping up with their new creation spirit. (1 Cor.15)

In the meantime we have His love and life in our hearts. We do not have to wait to begin to experience our crown of rejoicing. What is this crown? It is PEOPLE, whom God’s love in us; is able to touch through us. (1 Thess. 2:19, 20) “For you (people; not diamonds) are our glory and joy. (v.20)

I believe that one of the things that will make heaven; heaven; is when the people’s greatest blessing; resides in witnessing the blessings of others. The good news is that we do NOT have to wait on heaven; to let the heaven in us, begin to reign on the earth.

As we look to Him we can do all things THROUGH Christ who provides this amazing loving ability. (Hebrews 12:2; Phil.4:13) Let Him REIGN! (Rom.5:17)

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