Week 41 – 2019

A man of God from days gone by wrote about the danger of viewing the bible as a common book. The bible or scripture, is the literal written Word of God. The written Word points to the living Word (Jesus). It is true that one can search the scriptures and miss Jesus (see John 5:39).

That is not what we are talking about. Esteeming the bible as a common book is usually very subtle and often not even realized by those who do it. For example; when people say things like: “God told me” and cannot validate what they say with the scripture; they are diminishing God’s Word. Paul prayed that the believer’s LOVE may abound more and more in knowledge and all discernment (Phil.1:9). “May abound” in the original language is in the present tense which means that this is to be a continuous action. This Greek word “perisseuo” is defined as super abound (in quantity or quality). It literally means: “to be in excess.” This is a major part of love that we often do not understand. This facet of love has to do with the protection of people.

For example: you protect your children from playing in the street because you judge or discern the situation as unsafe. Every word from me or anyone else must be verified in the bible. Let’s be intimate with the Word of God and like Jesus we will be able to find the place so we will not be displaced in our understanding (see Luke 4:17; 2 Peter 3:16-18). The Word says “you are blessed.” (see Eph. 1:3)

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