Week 41 – 2017

The foundation for all true change in a person’s walk is that of not allowing “excuses” the right to reign. God has given the believer the ability to change on the outside; because of the change on the inside. (2 Cor.3:18) As long as a person persists in blaming some person, circumstance, or past event for their actions; they will not change, in their actions.

It is not what others do that causes me to act a certain way; but rather how I choose to allow their actions to influence me. For example: “If I act like a jerk (which I never do Lol); it is because I CHOOSE to act like a jerk. It is not my spouse, my upbringing, etc., that causes me to act like a jerk.

An excuse usually has enough truth in it that one fails to see that it is a lie that causes me to deny, who I am in Christ. As an old timer once told me: “An excuse is the skin of reason, stuffed with a lie.” Excuses are a luxury that a believer cannot afford to indulge. Praise God. We’ve got the power to overcome the “enemy of excuses.”

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