Week 41 – 2015

In like manner as a believer who is not under the law, in which things such as stealing, lying, adultery, etc. were wrong, ARE THESE BEHAVIORS NOW ACCEPTABLE under the ‘new covenant of grace?’

God forbid! (Romans 6:1, 2).

There is (as someone recently stated), a real need for “grace or new covenant” mentors. Mentors who will fulfill the great commission of making disciples, not mere converts, by teaching them to obey all that Jesus taught. (See Matthew 28:18-20). The very fact that many have come to think that, ‘obedience is synonymous with legalism,’ proves my point. If one is not taught to obey the ‘new covenant way,’ they will, by default fall into some form of erroneous obedience which is in essence, ‘disobedience.’ This is the very reason ‘iniquity’ abounds. Iniquity is that sense of entitlement that declares, ‘I call the shots and I determine what is right, wrong, truth or error.’ In essence ‘I’ becomes its own God. Without ‘new covenant’ mentors error will increase. Thank the Lord for those who are laying their lives down to disciple the body of Christ. Can I get a witness?

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