Week 39 – 2017

I find it amazing, how almost every Christian has to fit into some kind of box that is labeled with a name describing what kind of Christian they are. They are a charismatic, evangelical, or they are into reformed theology, or deformed theology (Id), etc.

lt seems that if you desire full acceptance with any group you must fully accept that group’s box. While I am all for standing for the truth and adhering to certain foundational truths; I also believe that as students of God’s Word, we must not fear being honest with the Scriptures and ourselves. It is the fear of rejection and the desire for acceptance with other believers that often prevents an honest look at the Word.

Allow me to close with an example. I knew a person who told me that he once shared a certain end time view that was not consistent with the poplar view and was met with anger and resistance. His attitude after this encounter was: “never again.” Is it just me or are their others who think that this is sad?

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