Week 38 – 2017

Jesus taught that tribulations, persecutions or trials come for the WORD’S sake.(Mark 4:17) In other words, trials come with the express purpose of attacking the Word’s potential of taking root in one’s heart.(see verses 16,17) The attack on God’s Word is an attack on God’s goodness.

To doubt God’s Word is to doubt God’s goodness. Thus the goal of a trial is to cause one to doubt the goodness of God. James 1:17 teaches that God is good; He is ALWAYS good; and He does not vary or change from His goodness. (My paraphrase)

The context also instructs the believer to not even SAY when he or she is tempted, tested, or tried, that God is the tempter. (see v.13) The heart’s recognition that God is ALWAYS good is imperative to an overcoming lifestyle. (1 John 5:4)

This is the reason that James 1:2 says that you and I are to count, or account, it all joy when we fall into various temptations, testing, or trials. Not because God brought the trial; but because He is the Answer in the midst of the trial; and the way to overcome through the trial.

The context goes on to declare that if you lack the wisdom or the “how to;” in counting it all joy in the midst of a trial; He will grant you that wisdom, so that you can overcome. The context goes on to say that God will give this wisdom, liberally and ungrugingly, without reproaching, or fault finding. (See James 1:5 Amp.)

Man’s religion has done a great job of convincing people that God is the problem; when the reality is; God is the Answer; no matter what the problem may be. Oh; how He loves YOU and Me!!

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