Week 37 – 2019

“Make Disciples Of Christ, NOT You”

I have discovered that it is imperative for one who is discipling another to consistently point the one being discipled towards Jesus. The reason for this is that the one who is doing the instructing can subtly usurp the place of Jesus and create an unhealthy co-dependence upon the discipler as opposed to a healthy dependency upon Christ. Acts chapter 20 speaks that it is possible to draw away (from​ Christ), and make​ disciples of oneself. (see Acts 20:30)
Of course this is rarely the intention of the one who is attempting to disciple another. The drawing away from Christ often enters very subtly when the instructor attempts to do what the one being instructed should be doing​, or does not challenge the discipled one to get up and walk for themselves (in His strength, of course). Similar to a parent not allowing their child to learn by doing for themselves, which includes the making of mistakes, the sincere discipler often participates in the same mistake. While it is true that we desire people to see Jesus in us, it is just as true that we are not to usurp the place that belongs to Him alone, by subtly instructing folks to abide in us as opposed to Christ. Food for thought.

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