Week 36 – 2017

I have found that the more I have communion with the Holy Spirit, the more I fall in love with God’s Word. The Holy Ghost is the One who guides the believer INTO, not away from, the Word of God. (Or “all truth” see John 16:13)

There are so many who are seeking to hear God’s voice, or get a word from God outside of the Word of God (i.e. the Scriptures) To do this is to open oneself up to the enemy’s deception. Any direction from God will never violate His Word. Jesus is the Living Word of God that the Holy Spirit desires to reveal in the written Word of God. We must NEVER forget this! Why? Because if one is deceived into abandoning the Word of God; they will end up believing many things to be the voice of the Holy Spirit. I have seen this pattern MANY times.

Here it is in a nutshell. The devil will guide you away from the Word of God; which usually involves an exaltation of one’s emotions and believing the emotions to be God’s leading and direction. The end result is ineffective, neutralized, and often weird believers.

The Holy Spirit; on the other hand; will ALWAYS guide you towards and into the Word of God. Stick with the Word. It is your safe guard!!! (Psalm 119:105) I (how about you?) REJOICE at Your Word As one who finds GREAT TREASURE!!! (Psalm 119:162. NKJV Emphasis Mine) Good stuff!!!

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