Week 35 – 2019

“Is There Life Beyond Divorce?”

The reason that God hates divorce is because it hurts the people He loves. With that said, God LOVES those who have been through divorce and He has provided COMPLETE healing and restoration to those who have been through it. Now here is where I may lose some of you and you may even desire to unfriend me. That is ok. I have been through a divorce as a Christian. I never dreamed that I would ever go through a divorce. That was something that others experienced, but not me. I was wrong. It was nothing that I desired but when my ex-wife had an affair and decided that she did not desire our marriage any longer, there was nothing I could do. I was devastated and shed MANY tears.
Despite all of the emotional pain, I knew that this was not something God was doing. I even had a religious man tell me that I needed to wait on my ex and not go on with my life. I would still be waiting. And people wonder why I hate man’s religion.  I also had a revelation that I needed to forgive by faith. (see 2 Corinthians 2:10,11) We could spend a lot of time discussing the necessity of forgiveness for those desiring to move beyond divorce.
Forgiveness has nothing to do with approving of the wrong someone has done to you, but serves to release the healing grace into the life of the forgiver, and possibly into the other party. (see Matthew 18:15-20)
I heard a story of a Christian woman who went to a preacher for counsel and the minister told the lady that “she needed to forgive her ex-husband.” She responded by saying, FORGIVE him! He has ruined the last fifteen years of my life.”
The preacher simply replied, “do you want him to ruin the next fifteen years?” It has been said that, “to refuse to forgive, is similar to drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Now back to my story. God Is SOOOO good!
He has blessed me with an awesome godly wife and we are on our seventeenth year of marriage. He has blessed us with two wonderful children together, of which infertility prevented children in the previous marriage. And it was about four or five years ago that I received a call from the man my ex had left me for, who was experiencing the same type of situation that I had went through. I have nothing against anyone involved including my ex and I hope that she finds what she is looking for, which is a REAL relationship with Jesus. The pain of that divorce is so healed in my heart that it feels like it occurred in another life.
While some churches may not forgive you, God not only forgives, He also restores, and His restoration IS exceedingly abundantly beyond what you and I can ask or think! (Ephesians 3:20) WOW! I have been personal in this post with the desire that the condensed version of this testimony would encourage someone.
There IS life beyond divorce, even ABUNDANT life. Amazing LOVE!

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