Week 33 – 2018

The Danger of “Generalization”

To generalize is to make broad sweeping, judgmental statements based upon specific incidents or people. For example: some will say things such as, “all men are this way, or all women are that way,” based upon specific or individual incidents that they may have experienced, or heard of.

Sadly, I see this dangerous mindset prevalent in the body of Christ. A manifestation of this mentality among believers is found in the fact that there are those who paint Christians who regularly attend a church, with the broad judgmental brush of implying that church going people are legalists, who are attempting to change in their own strength.

I did a post recently on the difference between “faith in God’s Word,” versus “circumstantial faith,” in which we shared that the reason for my faith is based upon what the Word declares, and not upon results or circumstances, which would include the imperfections of God’s people.

No doubt, there are many problems in the body of Christ. Perhaps we should determine to become part of the answer, by allowing to Spirit to heal our hurting hearts, so we can see clearly to remove the speck from our brother or sister’s eye, and as a result avoid the “dangers of generalization.” (See Matthew 7:1-6 NKJV)

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