Week 33 – 2017

I have to ask myself the question: “Am I a “Facebook Pharisee?” The word “Pharisee” means: “the separated or expounders.” The “Pharisees” were an elite group of “religious folk” that believed they held the corner on theological insight and understanding of God. There are many things that we could discuss about the mode of operation that a Pharisee can exhibit; but I want to share one trait as it pertains to our beloved, Facebook world.

Jesus discussed this in his rebuke of them in Matthew; chapter 23 and verses 23, and 24. Allow me to give you a paraphrased summary of what He said. Jesus declared that these scribes and Pharisees paid tithe of mint, anise, and cummin (or little things) while at the same time, omitting the weightier matters of the law. (Judgement, mercy, and faith)(v.23)

He went on to say that it was all to be done under the law; but let’s not miss the main thing or the weightier matters. He summed up His point in verse 24 by stating that they “were blind guides (teachers, leaders; GET THAT) who strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.”(v.24) I find that fb Pharisees are more concerned about correcting you; then they are in actually gleaning from what you write. These people will often make points of things that are NOT your point; and thus miss the point.

Honest questions are a great thing; whereas being a self-appointed “Facebook doctrinal sheriff” is not such a great thing. Are we attempting to catch what people say; or catch them in what they say? Even as I share this post, I encourage you to hear with your heart and not JUST your head; and avoid the arrogance involved in being a “Facebook Pharisee.”

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