Week 3 – 2021

Under the law God had a covenant with the children of Israel. Every time that Israel failed to keep their part of the covenant there was judgement that resulted. In the New Covenant, God made a covenant with His Son; who kept His end of the agreement perfectly. He also paid the price that justice required for the sins of the world. Because of this, everyone who receives the Son, receives, not only His perfect payment for sin, but also His perfection in the keeping of the law perfectly. The result of this wonderful reality for the believer is that there will never be judgement from God. Why? Because Jesus already took that judgement at the cross. This is the very essence of what faith is; resting in the work of another. Since there is no judgement left for you and I, all that remains is blessings. So do not worry about breaking His covenant and rejoice in the One who kept it perfectly for you. WOW!

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