Week 15 – 2019

“The Blessing of Emotional Amnesia”

The apostle Paul spoke of “forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before.” (See Philippians 3:13) But in other scriptures he is recorded as remembering his past. (See 1 Timothy 1:15; Acts 22:19, 20)
How can a person forget their past, and yet remember where they’ve come from?
Are we not supposed to learn from our past? It has been stated that, “foresight is insight, based upon hindsight.”  So what is this “forgetting” spoken of in Philippians 3:13? I believe that the “forgetting” which Paul spoke of, is what my wife and I call, “emotional amnesia.” Even though Paul could intellectually recall the events of his past, the guilt and hurt of the negative emotional pain, was completely healed, because of CHOOSING God’s direction. Herein lies the reason that forgiveness is so imperative to one’s emotional health, both forgiving oneself, and forgiving others. Forgiveness is what I call the “peroxide of the heart.” In the same manner that peroxide will clean a physical cut and allow it to heal, forgiveness will work like peroxide, cleansing the heart from negative emotional infection, thus allowing one to heal from hurts and offense. For example: I know of a believer whose spouse left them for another person several years ago. Because the abandoned person CHOOSES to forgive, they experienced a complete emotional healing.  The one who was wronged, and CHOOSE to forgive is now happily remarried, and blessed of God. When asked about the previous marriage and what they went through, this person will tell you that they can remember, but there’s simply no emotional pain involved. Wow!
This my friend, is the power of forgiveness which WILL result in the “blessing of emotional amnesia.”

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