Week 11 – 2020

It is important that the believer spend time meditating in the Word of God. This is not for the purpose of earning anything. Biblical meditation serves the purpose of realizing the completed work of Christ that has been bestowed upon us. This is how we allow the Word to become one with us in our understanding. It is how the believer overcomes temptation. One cannot be tempted with something that they do not think about. In fact, worry is nothing more than meditation in a negative sense. If we can worry throughout the day we can also meditate. Take a verse(s) that jumps out at you and think about it or sing it throughout your day. For example: “I cast all of my worries upon Him for He really cares about me”. (see l Peter 5:7) You can make it into your own little song. I define biblical meditation as marinating the mind in His ever-abiding presence. You are blessed!

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