Week 10 – 2020

I was asked as a new member to share a little on how I came into the grace message. There is so much to say, but I will attempt to keep it short. As of December 2014 I will be 30 years as a believer. Those years have been intense years. I have been down so many Christian rabbit trails in my search for Jesus. Yea, that’s right. As a Christian I was looking for Jesus the One who was with me the whole time. Because of legalism and mixture doctrine I was blind to the Person and work of Jesus Christ. Amazing! I will share one example of how this operated in my life. There was a time in my walk in which I lived with a very heavy emphasis on fasting. A Bible teacher I highly respected taught that fasting is what enforces the position your body has been declared; “dead because of sin” from Romans 8:10. Believe it or not; I was walking the half mile walk to McDonald’s one morning and I heard the Lord say that it was not fasting that enforces this position; but My Son. I have since discovered that it is all about Jesus and what He accomplished on our behalf through His death, burial, and resurrection.( i.e. the cross) The Lord has taught me what it means to be a doer of His Word. It involves a continual look into the perfect (complete) law of liberty (freedom) and not a forgetful hearer. A forgetful hearer of what? Of all that Jesus has accomplished  (James 1:22-25). It is not my praying, fasting, etc. that constitutes being a doer of the word, which is how I formerly thought. Also notice it is a law of freedom. Freedom from what? The requirements of having to measure up to to God’s perfect standard in order to merit His blessing. Why? Because Jesus measured up for me and all I am required to do is simply believe it to receive it, WOW! Is that good news, or what? The work of God is to believe on or into Jesus (John 6:29 Greek for “on” is “eis” which is defined as motion into). This is why I study the Scriptures. To show myself that I have been approved and do not need to be ashamed because of His finished work (2 Tim.2:15 KJV).

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