Week 33 – 2016

The “Anointing” The “anointing” teaches the believer to abide or keep their faith in Jesus. (1 John 2:27) The “anointing” breaks the yoke. (Isaiah 10:27) The “yoke” is a “yoke of bondage” or performance-based approach in relating to God. (i.e...


Week 32 – 2016

So many in the body of Christ believe that they must hit some mystical level before God can flow through them. The truth is, that as a believer, you are already at that level and it is called; “in Christ” (or “in Him”). “For by one offering He...


Week 31 – 2016

When people get angry with others they will often give those who are the object of their anger, the “silent treatment.” To not understand and experience God’s voice on a regular basis is to believe at a “heart level,” that God is not pleased with...


Week 30 – 2016

“Another Look at Another Jesus” While there is ONLY one True Jesus, the Bible warns of “another or counterfeit Jesus.” 2  Corinthians 11:4, in its warning against BELIEVERS (not unbelievers) being deceived speaks of: another Jesus another spirit...


Week 27 – 2016

The very fact that there are so many perversions pertaining to people’s understanding of prayer, testifies to the potential power that is available when God’s people pray. WOW! “Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert and it with an attitude...


Week 26 – 2016

I am fascinated with David of the Old Testament. Here we see an Old Covenant guy who God calls a “man after His own heart.” (see 1 Sam. 13:14, Acts 13:22) amazing. And then there are verses such as Revelation 3:7 which speaks of the “key of...


Week 25 – 2016

Some of the Greek definitions for “ask” are; “call for, crave, desire, require.” (see John 14:13-14; John 16:23-24). Psalm 37:4 teaches that the one who delights themselves in the Lord will be the one who receives the desires of their heart. In...


Week 24 – 2016

God has not called you to merely exist. Instead of mere existence, He has called you to live, to REALLY live. As a child of God, you and I are packed with purpose. Walk with Him and allow Him to reveal that purpose to you and through you each...

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