Devotionals 2020

Week 26 – 2020

Legalism for a Christian is separating Jesus from the Word. In other words if the scripture is not about Jesus and what He did; then the only thing left is us and what we’re doing or not doing. Another way to say it is that the bible is reduced...


Week 24 – 2020

The importance of being teachable cannot be over-emphasized. I have often said that I reserve the right to be wrong. As one old timer stated: “I think we err and block the entrance of truth when we fail to recognize the possibility of our own...


Week 23 – 2020

There is a lot of talk about identity theft today. The Holy Spirit revealed to me what Christian identity theft looks like. Identity theft for the Christian usually comes in the form of a teaching that causes a believer to identify with their...


Week 20 – 2020

The opposite of faith is not fear, but the law that produces fear. Why? Because the law points you to self and points out where you have missed it. Grace points you to Christ and His perfection and pronounces you one with that perfection. Your...

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