Devotionals 2016

Week 37 – 2016

Consider the following: “For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone that believes.” (Rom. 10:4) Note: “and of the law “FOR” not “FROM” righteousness.” The Greek word, “for” is “eis” and it means “into, unto, or motion into.”...


Week 33 – 2016

The “Anointing” The “anointing” teaches the believer to abide or keep their faith in Jesus. (1 John 2:27) The “anointing” breaks the yoke. (Isaiah 10:27) The “yoke” is a “yoke of bondage” or performance-based approach in relating to God. (i.e...


Week 32 – 2016

So many in the body of Christ believe that they must hit some mystical level before God can flow through them. The truth is, that as a believer, you are already at that level and it is called; “in Christ” (or “in Him”). “For by one offering He...


Week 31 – 2016

When people get angry with others they will often give those who are the object of their anger, the “silent treatment.” To not understand and experience God’s voice on a regular basis is to believe at a “heart level,” that God is not pleased with...


Week 30 – 2016

“Another Look at Another Jesus” While there is ONLY one True Jesus, the Bible warns of “another or counterfeit Jesus.” 2  Corinthians 11:4, in its warning against BELIEVERS (not unbelievers) being deceived speaks of: another Jesus another spirit...

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